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  • In Defense of Jason Russell: Do Better, America

    (A Cautionary Tale for Filmmaker-Activists)


    A few short weeks ago, the world was swollen with the #stopKony chorus. Twitter enigmas like @iamDiddy and @Rihanna threw their followship behind the cause, lending to the nearly 90 million views of Invisible Children’s epic viral vid: #Kony2012.

    Variations of the little meme that could exploded across social media then came to a screeching halt when its sunniest co-founder was TMZed in the buff, pacing a public curbside and shouting at the sky.

    With that simple camera phone capture, #Kony2012 The Sequel, broadcast this past Thursday without the charismatic leader, seems doomed upon arrival. The compulsion to care, so “suddenly” won overnight, is hard to find ‘cross these ‘net waves now that there’s no omniscient leader to burden with more accountability than we’d hold ourselves to.

    But who exactly is to blame for such willing dismissal?

    Psychosis? (Social) Media? Or a dumbed down America?

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